Modern Textile Manufacturing & printing industry located in Faisalabad Pakistan’s textile hub. Moon Textile Printing Ind (Pvt) Ltd abbreviated as MTI, derive back in mid-80 on traditional lines by founding Chairman Haji Afzal,.

The Founder of Company Mr. Afazal marketing ability leads to a successful business growth.

This laid foundation of a manufacturing plant. We Are Committed towards providing the highest quality of printed fabric desired by our client’s. At first, it had a capacity of producing 50,000 meters a day but later the company successfully achieved the target of 200,000 meters a day.

Our Experience over the past 4 decades & the valuable partnership across the industry allow us to develop products according to the customer requirements. MTI produces narrow width fabrics and domestic diversity, a wide range of products for ladies. MTI’s strength today stands assorted with pioneering skills and visionary leadership of its Board of directors, backed by their goodwill and experience in marketing.

Due to application of prudent and planned management, effective policies, maintaining of discipline in operations and an effective marketing strategy the growth trend is expected to continue for years to come.

Organization is being managed by highly dedicated team of professionals that are well versed in the art of modern management techniques laying great significance on working together leading to a good corporate culture within the department. We care for our employees. Respect and dignity follows everyone working at MTI.

We offer our employees a pliability to have work life balance and yet formation in them a sense of responsibility. A wish to excel – in everything we do.

We are building a culture helpful to learning and facilitating growth on personal as well as professional front.

In 2014, MTI took creativity to integrate the business vertically upwards by adding up a Digital Printing machine. It was Pakistan’s first mass production slight width digital printing machine. Turning out to be a landmark in the future progress, it did not take long before the company was widely reputed and respected in production and marketing of Digital printed fabric.

Our Mission

Moon Textile aspires to achieve excellence through innovation and constant improvement of your process methods and equipment. We aim to develop our human capital with better skills, knowledge & values while forging dependable relationships with our client’s suppliers and end users promote a healthy global environment. MTI is not just focusing on huge production and revenue while neglecting its responsibility towards humanity and nature.

Our vision

Moon Textile aims to be a dynamic and environment- Friendly textile manufacturer. We work to serve our clients and do rightly by all of our stakeholders by incorporating our core values of quality, innovation and reliability.